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"Boulangerie and Patisserie"  
In assortment of French coffee shops’ chain «BON!» we offer all types of bakery and pastry products: from baguettes and grained bread till croissants and donuts. We offer to our customers products that embody the best European traditions of baking and pastry arts. The composition of products is selected natural raw materials without the use of preservatives and artificial colors. There are highly qualified chefs who work in our pastry shop and all our bakery and confectionery products feature a unique combination of simplicity and refinement. We focus primarily on the tastes of our customers, carefully studying the demand and taking into consideration the wishes and needs of our customers. 
Individual cake order is available for different kinds of events, such as birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, etc. Also, in any of our coffee shops, we suggest you to try the Italian Gelato (home-made ice-cream), prepared by professional equipment Caprigiani (chocolate, pistachio vanilla, with nuts, berries, etc.)

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